Is Luke Willis A Racist?

A while back – someone I am, at the time of writing, close to was text messaging a friend of theirs.  The conversation came around to my friend asking him if he’d ever been with a black girl.  Luke Willis, from Kent, said “I don’t do blacks”.  Having been raised my whole life in England, and spent many years in Kent I knew that a white skinhead dude who wears polo shirts, adidas and reebok shoes using the word ‘blacks’ would be racist.

I asked my friend to ask if Luke has a problem with black people.  Luke Willis replied “I don’t like blacks and they don’t like me“.  I looked at my friend and said “Now do you believe he’s racist?“.  At that point my friend agreed and they apparently didn’t talk for a while.  After a few weeks – Luke managed to lull my friend into believing he’s not racist by saying he wasn’t talking about “all blacks” – just the ones he’s met.  So my friend said message him which I did.

The conversation went like the following:

  • Luke Willis: “I don’t know why you care.  You’re there, and I’m here and I wasn’t even saying it to you”.
  • Ryan Paul: “You were saying racist shit about black people – my family are black”.
  • Luke Willis: “Yeah YOUR family is.  Not [NAME DELETED]‘s

A few months later I found the photos below on his Facebook.  I spoke to my friend about the images below and my friend said that Luke claimed it was from years ago and he was no longer racist.

luke-photos-1 luke-photos-2






Now ask your self – would a person who’s not racist, in reference to the content of these images say “I couldn’t be bothered to take them off”?

12 thoughts on “Is Luke Willis A Racist?”

  1. eality Check!

    Hmmm…. at the time u wrote this willis was still putting up pics within 14 months… ‘your mate’ evidently has trouble with understanding how long a year is if they believe 14 months equates to ‘years ago’…. Pics aside is your ‘mate’ unable to read the comments made by willis in connection to his visual postings…

    Personally, am more effronted that willis is without conviction & unable to own his racist shit & that your mate feigns belief in what is clearly a factually ridiculous defense. Bottom line is…yr mate is also without conviction & doesn’t care that willis is racist & should simply acknowledge that as opposed to pretending it would make a difference to them continuing to converse…

  2. Naw. I am enjoying your bullshit blogs.

    If black people didn’t want to be called Niggers… they would stop using the term so loosly.

    You don’t hear other races calling eachother by their slang names…. Do you?

  3. This finally proves that you are nothing but a nasty racist waste of space.

    But I feel privileged that you feel I’m important enough to post your trash on my website for hahahaha.

  4. Fat.. yes….guilty. But slut I am not.

    Just saying if black people didn’t like the term “nigger” they would stop calling eachother it on a regular basis.

    You don’t hear me going up to my fellow white friends calling them “honky” or “cracker” ext ext

    So is it really racsit to use the word Nigger? One would be made to believe it isn’t, by how loosly the black community uses the so called “racsit” word.

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